Matt Cutts Webmaster Q&A Infographic

Matt Cutts Webmaster Q&A Video Infographic

It’s no secret that sleep deprivation can make you think weird things, and when you work in search it can also help you come up with some pretty interesting ideas. While researching an idea, I came across an old Webmaster Video on YouTube. I watched a few more and wondered how many videos Matt Cutts had done over the years. This led me to question how many link related questions had been asked, which led me to question how many people got to ask more than one question, which led to how many different shirt colors did Matt wear when answering questions; which ultimately led to me watching all 296 videos (I did this in one day, and by the time I got home, my wife looked like my wife but sounded like Matt…but that’s a story for another post). After consuming mass amounts of caffeine and much Photoshop geekery, we at Click2Rank are please to present you with the:

Visual Guide to Matt Cutts


Visual Guide to Matt Cutts

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On the off chance you’re attending SMX Advanced and will be one of the many crammed in the highly anticipated “You&A With Matt Cutts” session, take some time to view the infographic first to make sure you ask a good question. We break down the most popular question topics, after all, why ask a question others have most likely asked or one you simply find by doing a search yourself.

P.S. Oh yeah… if you think this infographic was just awesome, hire us. We’re currently offering white label infographic services.

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