Click2Rank Tactical SEO Audits

Tactical SEO Audits

Once a proper Strategic SEO Audit has been performed on your site, you can’t just relax into the belief that the implementation of our strategic findings can effortlessly be performed at the highest level possible.  That’s like assuming because you’ve had a doctor diagnose the symptoms of your disease that you can self-medicate the healing process.  Of course if you do have the proper, experienced in-house resources with enough experience to implement those findings, you’re free to do so.

However, if your staff isn’t skilled enough at this next phase of the SEO process, or your web team only has limited understanding of the issues, it’s not wise to then hope you’ll get the results you need from them.

When such an approach is taken, it typically leads to, at the very least, partly diluted topical focus.  At worst, it causes more problems than you might have had prior to a strategic audit in the first place.  Ultimately, that means missing out on significant opportunities or sadly, even drops in rankings.

In auditing client sites, we’ve seen it result in missing as much as 50% or more of the organic search based traffic a site might otherwise have garnered.

Refined SEO Implementation Through Tactical Audits

Tactical SEO Audits allow your site to rise above the competition.  They ensure your site becomes much stronger for long-term stability in the face of ever-changing search engine rules, guidelines and algorithms.  They do so because the quality of the effort, at the tactical level, is much greater than generally applied overall SEO principles.

Tactical audits can range in size, scope and depth.  They can focus on just one area of your site, or one core aspect of your overall SEO.  Or they can be a series of smaller audits, across the entire range of organic factors.  Yet each one itself can bring greater opportunities for success, because each one is laser focused on ensuring the absolute best way to implement SEO to a specific portion of your online presence.

Tactical Audits Related to Topical Focus – An Example

One of the most common types of tactical audit the Click2Rank team performs is related to a site’s topical focus.  In this scenario, we examine a site one section at a time.  So if you have a site that has five primary categories for example, we’ll look at each primary category as its own entity.  We do so because even though each category might be related to the greater overall topical focus of the site, SEO best practices dictates that individual categories are, by all rights, supposed to be centred around their own unique sub-topic as it relates to the site’s greater umbrella topic.

In one of these audits, we look at how well, or how far short of the mark, the existing site’s information architecture, content relationships, and topical refinement truly come.  We then also examine how diluted that section’s topical focus is overall based on those factors, as well as whether more work needs to be done and in what manner specific to off-site signals that need to confirm the on-site message.

Tactical SEO Recommendations

Tactical SEO Audits can vary greatly in how far they go.  You may prefer that we not only make the mid-level recommendations (such as how to reorganise content, which URLs to change, keep, redirect or consolidate, or which keyword phrases to go with on specific pages – you may also want us to actually provide you with working page titles, optimised meta Descriptions, and even re-written and properly optimised content for those pages.

In a full-service tactical audit related to topical focus, we’ll even go so far as to recommend which subsection specific navigation to keep, which to change, and which to remove.  There are countless other sectional tasks we could include, as well, all related to tactical SEO and topical focus.

While Click2Rank is not a content generating company (we don’t have scores of writers cranking out reams of content all day), as far as your highest level needs go, we would be happy to perform one or more tactical SEO audits specific to the top sections and top sub-sections of your site.  Contact us today so we can discuss your unique situation and needs.