Click2Rank Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Our professional team of digital marketers are passionate about SEO. You can be sure the work we do means you’ll get sustainable results, regardless of how the search industry changes over time.

CEO Amelia Wiedermann

Amelia has been helping businesses achieve success for more than ten years. Taking clients from start-up to great success, Amelia believes in providing world class solutions for all clients, big and small. 

Director of Search Services Zachary Fihelly

Zac captains the Click2Rank ship, setting the course, speed and battle conditions that will ensure we fulfil the needs of our clients as envisioned by Amelia. Zac’s strategic thinking, as well as his on-the-spot decision making capabilities, allow us to stay focused and highly efficient in our tasking. 

Project Manager Andrew Tallis

If there’s a project in the works, internal or external, chances are Andrew is behind the curtain pulling the strings making sure it’s not only completed but done with the highest quality assurance. Andrew’s willingness and tenacity to tackle any project makes him first on call for any project that gets brought up. His ability to learn quickly and adapt to changes while staying focused makes him a welcomed asset to the Click2Rank team. 

SEO Manager Brayden Dixson

With his extensive experience creating and developing Social Media content and sites, Brayden is a natural fit with Click2Rank. More and more each day marketing and advertising is being pulled in the direction of the major social sites, making it nearly impossible to run a company without establishing an online presence. Brayden’s main focus is on creating quality content while also following the vision set by Zac and Amelia.

Social Media Manager Savannah Prinsep

Savannah has a great eye for upcoming social media trends. Savannah is responsible for developing strategies to increase followers, creating and overseeing social media campaigns, producing content and reviewing analytics and insights to better understand what works best for our clients’ individual business needs. 

Content Writer Alexis Childers

Alexis has been writing since the first time she discovered a crayon, but she now has her dream job of content writer. As one of Click2Rank’s content writers, she puts her skills to the test and writes for the websites and blogs of Click2Rank clients. She also spends her time learning more about SEO, keyword research, and how to use WordPress like a boss.

Content Writer Riley Green

Riley has a background in journalism, which brought him to the illustrious offices of Click2Rank. In addition to his online work, he has written for several regional and national publications, with a focus on golf, beer and entertainment news and reviews. When he isn’t blogging, Riley is usually thinking about the word “blog” and spending time in the great outdoors with his family.