What should You Tube? Top ten tips for growing your channel!


10 tricks to YouTube videos Everyone can agree that Facebook and Twitter can be extremely powerful tools to expanding your business. Most people might even agree that videos are more likely to be shared than links or status updates, but then how come more people aren’t paying attention to YouTube? Over half of internet traffic [...]

An Interview With Barry Adams

Barry Adams

The interview series continues with Barry Adams of Pierce Communications. I’ve gotten to know Barry through Twitter some, but mostly it was in the SEO Dojo. It didn’t take long for me to figure out Barry was somebody I’d want to interview someday, and since we’re doing a series each month I figured why not [...]

Information Architecture Hoarding Intervention

Don't look behind the door

There’s been one consistent element I’ve been documenting in performing audits recently, and that’s flat information structure. This might not seem like a bad idea at the time, but it’s like cleaning your room and putting everything behind your closet door. Sure your room looks neat and clean initially but every time you open the [...]

Ah Ha! Moments in Learning SEO – Internal Linking


It doesn’t matter what your opinion is on links, the fact is they’re a major element that can influence a site’s position for better or worse. There are two types of links that help with this, internal and external. For this first segment, we’ll be focusing on just internal linking.   What are internal links? [...]

The Keystone for Any Project: Audience

Click2Rank - Target Audience

There is so much that goes into any project, be it a new website, a social media campaign, an SEO overhaul or anything else.  With so much needing to get done it’s easy to overlook one of the most important steps: determining your audience.  When working with a client it can be even more difficult [...]

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