Facebook Desperate for Revenue Uses Advertisement to Fix IPO Problems

C2R Blog post

It seems like all the world is talking about right now is something to do with Mark Zuckerberg. He celebrates his birthday, then his well known company finally reaches the stock market, then he decides to get married. The last few weeks has been probably enough of an adventure to last most life times for [...]

What should You Tube? Top ten tips for growing your channel!


10 tricks to YouTube videos Everyone can agree that Facebook and Twitter can be extremely powerful tools to expanding your business. Most people might even agree that videos are more likely to be shared than links or status updates, but then how come more people aren’t paying attention to YouTube? Over half of internet traffic [...]

Using Facebook to grow your business

Connecting People

Companies are starting to discover more and more each day that the marketing world is going digital. It used to be that a 5:00 pm radio spot for a commercial was gold now it seems the digital world is starting to take over. Ford recently did an online campaign for their Explorer using YouTube as [...]

Reputation is more than ORM

There are no computer screens IRL

Ever have a client that had an immaculate SERP for their name but had a reputation problem anyway? Even when you add complaints to their name for a search? I had one, err well, the MD who volunteered at the clinic I worked at did. I had just finished redesigning and rewriting the content on [...]

5 Tips For Tweet Chats


If you use Twitter then you know how useful tweet chats can be. They’re a great way to connect with likeminded individuals and make connections you might not normally make. If you’re new to tweet chats hopefully the tips below will help you out when first getting started in the tweetchat arena. 1. Use a [...]

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