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Growing up on a farm with a love of books and traveling the world at a young age, Rebecca learned that life is an adventure and everything has a story in it. She still holds to the belief that there is wonder in the world and tries to share even a little of that with others through her writing. She has an eclectic set of hobbies and interests, from sword fighting and rock climbing to gaming, especially table top games like Dungeons and Dragons, and collecting My Little Ponies.

When Rebecca discovered the internet she taught herself to create terrible web pages by tearing apart free templates. Upon coming to the choice of what to do with her life she decided to attend Washington State University Vancouver and further learn about web design and the underlying culture of the internet. There she gained an understanding of design, usability and the importance of clean code. Though she was originally hired as a writer she has been able to apply her coding and design skills as well as a good work ethic to help Click2Rank’s mission.

After proving that she could handle the work and get the job done Rebecca was moved up into the role of Site Manager & Content Team Lead. She is responsible for making sure all of Click2Rank’s client sites stay working smoothly. She is also in charge of content editing and still writes between other duties. Rebecca is happy to continue to learn all she can about the world of SEO and fill in the gaps between it and the design world she started in.

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