In the Web We Trust

Click2Rank - Trust

We’ve all seen them.  The websites that sound promising, but once you get to them you can’t click the back button fast enough.  There’s just something off with these sites, be it a design that looks like it was built by a sixth grader or over use of the words “act now!” Building trust is [...]

An Interview With Akvile Harlow

Akvile Harlow

Last month we kicked off our interview series with Pamela Lund. This time around I got a chance to speak with Akvile Harlow of Third Door Media (TDM). I wanted to talk with Akvile for several reasons: After chatting with her at SMX Advanced last year about what she was doing with a pet insurance [...]

When Blog Writing Becomes Disrespect – Don’t Pwn Your Readers

The following is stemming from a post I read last week about “Things Brands Should Know About SEO”, that I really didn’t agree with. I was taking notes and preparing to write a rebuttal to it. Then I got to the end of the piece where I read, “Seems like it is too easy right? That’s [...]

The Keystone for Any Project: Audience

Click2Rank - Target Audience

There is so much that goes into any project, be it a new website, a social media campaign, an SEO overhaul or anything else.  With so much needing to get done it’s easy to overlook one of the most important steps: determining your audience.  When working with a client it can be even more difficult [...]

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