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If you came here expecting another “2011 Prediction” posts or a “Best of 2010” post, sorry. Instead of making predictions or posting content we’ve already posted (the amount of blog posts we’ve done this year is shorter than most of these “Best of 2010” posts anyway) we at Click2Rank have decided to present some plugin presents. I’ll be honest if it weren’t for Christmas time, this blog post would be called “Plugins You Might Not Be Using That You Should Be”. But I digress, here we go:

Wass Up
Interesting name, even more interesting behavior. Wass Up provides real time visitor tracking including search engine spider hits. This has/is a great plugin to test how social media updates effect indexing as it happens. It does take a little bit of time to begin collecting data, but only a few hours. And while Google Analytics is getting better at updating, this is one way to keep your site data away from Google’s wandering eye. If you want to check out Wass Up you can visit the site here, to download it visit here.
*Authors Note*
For those who comment with “Wassup!” I’m going to kick you in the shin when I see you at a conference next year.

Link Indication
This is probably the most useful plugin I’ve come across this year. What I really love about this plugin is that it makes it simple to add attributes to every link on your site. But it gets better than that. Let’s say you reference a particular site often. All you need to do is add that site’s root domain to the list, set the attributes, and then no matter what page you link to from that site, all of the attributes set to the root domain will be placed on the pages you link to. Set it and forget it. Oh, if you want more info on this plugin or you want to download it check this link out.

Simple 301 Redirect
It’s not often, but there have been a few times when I’ve had to use a 301 on my blog. Mostly it’s because a URL that has been tweeted or posted is incorrect and is already getting traffic and I need to correct the URL. This plugin makes the entire process ridiculously simple (hence the name). So if you find yourself needing to make a quick redirect, this is one I strongly suggest. If you need more information on this easy plugin the link is right here.

Collapsible Archives
This plugin isn’t so much useful as much as it is pretty cool, but it is useful if you want a pretty cool way to display the archives on your site in the sidebar. Clicking on the symbol (there are several to choose from) next to the year/month/category/whatever you have set enables the posts for that section to be displayed in a collapsible manner. Once you install this plugin just go set the parameters then head to the widgets section on your dashboard then drag and drop it in place. Since I know you’ll want to check this out and download it I’ve placed the link for it here.

I hope you have fun using these plugins. If you’ve got some useful/interesting plugins that you discovered this year feel free to re-gift them with us in the comments.
From all of us at Click2Rank, we hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and will have a Happy New Year!


  1. Thanks Joshua – I was just looking for a simple 301 implementation so I’ll check that one out. The link for Wass Up goes to their site but their “download” link isn’t working at the moment. Maybe they need the 301 plug-in :-)

    • Well to be honest when I hear something is “simple” I question it greatly. The simple 301 is pretty easy I must say. As for Wass Up, heh, I thought I’d just link to the homepage, but as it seems I’ve linked to the download page on the other plug-ins I might was well change the link so users can download it right away :)

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